Crystal Amut

Weytk. Crystal Amut ren skwekwst. Te Tsq̓éscen̓ ren st7e7kwen. (Hello. My name is Crystal Amut. I am from Canim Lake).

Crystal boasts a diverse professional background, having contributed her skills and expertise across multiple roles and industries in Alberta and British Columbia. With a solid foundation in the civil, pipeline, and construction sectors, she brings invaluable experience to the table. Notably, her versatility extends even to operating a skid steer, reflecting her hands-on approach and willingness to tackle various tasks with proficiency and humour.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Crystal treasures the time spent with her son, father, and beloved kye7e (grandmother). She finds joy in nurturing these relationships and cherishing moments of shared experiences. Additionally, she nurtures her passion for travel, seizing every opportunity to explore new destinations. With aspirations of embracing a snowbird lifestyle in the future, Crystal remains steadfast in her pursuit of enriching life experiences both personally and professionally.