Skwlax – Little Shuswap Lake Band

Gas Bar and Convenience Store Rebrand and Expansion

Skwlax - Little Shuswap Lake Band


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Little Shuswap Lake Band operates a Race Trac Gas Bar and Convenience Store at the Skwlax Centre located just off the Trans-Canada Highway. This Project builds from the growth to date where the business developed to a point that supports rebranding and expansion of the gas bar to Chevron and to include a Chester’s Chicken franchise.

Our work with Little Shuswap Lake Band is focused on supporting them to make strong management decisions and to maximize any investment made. As a Band owned business, revenues earned can recirculate within community programs and services, and job creation can provide financial security and stability to members.

VisionQuest Advisors has or will:

  • Analyze the operations and provide strategic direction on feasible opportunities to consider.
  • Prepare detailed reports and records that enable Chief and Council and Senior Staff to make informed decisions on how to proceed, and which can be used in any subsequent funding applications.
  • Actively support and/or lead operational improvements such as and not limited to inventory management, staffing, training, and policies and procedures.
  • Lead project and construction management, including the rebranding of the gas bar, renovation to the retail space, expansion of food services, and building maintenance required for the Skwlax Centre.
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