VisionQuest offers the required knowledge, skill, and capacity to deliver for diverse clients in challenging settings. The team Jay has built has developed experience with diverse specialties. They have knowledge of the business world in various industries as well as a highly polished knowledge of the traditional lands throughout western Canada and the opportunities that those lands represent. In our clients’ words our team is down-to-earth, experts in our fields, and driven.

As we continue to attract exciting Projects, we search for great people to join our team. Watch this page for updates or through our social media channels.

To learn about employment opportunities available through our clients, please go to the applicable project page.


Our team of advisors works collaboratively, drawing upon years of experience and a diverse skillset to help First Nations communities work toward greater self-sufficiency. We work with communities across Western Canada. From retail and tourism to agriculture and green energy, we have experience in a variety of industries.

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