Jay Savage

Jay Savage has been an entrepreneur in Cranbrook, BC, for over 20 years. He has successfully owned and operated several retail and service businesses and has an in-depth understanding of what businesses need to do to be successful. He has transferred that experience to the development of strategic plans for small business and has demonstrated a capacity to implement the plans he develops. Jay is a past president of the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce and the Cranbrook Development Authority.

Jay brings requisite expertise to meet the needs of consulting and projects assignments that generally focus on small- to medium-sized business enterprises. For the past several years, he has been the primary economic advisor to several First Nations throughout Western Canada and a key participant in the success of several projects throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. He has prepared both long- and short-term economic development strategies that respond to growing First Nations economies.

The advisors Jay has assembled through VisionQuest all have significant experience with diverse and indigenous people. They have a knowledge of the business world in various industries as well as a highly polished knowledge of the traditional lands throughout Western Canada and the opportunities that those lands represent.