Susan Keenan

With a career spanning finance, business management, and entrepreneurship, Susan’s true passion lies in Indigenous economic development. Having called British Columbia home for over two decades, she has dedicated herself to this field since her arrival in 2002. Her experience includes planning and developing several successful start-ups and expansion projects.  Through her twenty-years of interactions with Indigenous communities, Susan has gained profound respect for Indigenous cultures and their deep connection to the land and its resources.  This understanding shapes how she approaches each project she takes on.

Susan’s tenure as Business Development Manager and Loans Manager at an Indigenous Capital Corporation afforded her the opportunity to travel extensively throughout British Columbia, collaborating with aspiring entrepreneurs and communities. Her expertise in lending, business planning, and grant writing has contributed to the enduring success of many businesses across the province. Additionally, Susan has diversified her experience by working in various industries, including forestry, hospitality, retail management, and Band Administration, further enhancing her understanding of economic development dynamics.

Outside of work, Susan and her partner are avid explorers of BC’s natural wonders, often spending their leisure time camping and appreciating outdoor ventures. She cherishes quality time with her family, regularly visiting her two sons in Toronto. An enthusiastic traveler, Susan enjoys learning about diverse histories and cultures during her global adventures.