Without the right systems, structures, and governance in place, the best-planned projects are hard-pressed to achieve sustainability.  We bring a wealth of experience from diverse projects and clients throughout Western Canada to ensure that your project or enterprise is positioned to be successful in the long-term.  We assist in developing capacity by putting people in positions to succeed, and by maintaining an ability to provide long-term support where it is needed.

Corporate Structure & Governance

Our experts can help ensure that your economic development effort has robust organizational structures and governance that supports the achievement of your objectives. Our team will provide clarity and guidance by laying out official reporting relationships, enabling the distribution of authority, and ensuring accountability.

Board Recruitment & Training

VisionQuest Advisors specializes in helping First Nations and other organizations establish their development corporations. We assist in the process of recruiting and training board members, developing solid initial policy and procedure documents, and establishing good governance.

Human Resources

We guide and advise you to identify, recruit, engage and grow the very best people for your organization, giving them the tools to be successful. From creating employee handbooks to designing competitive pay and benefits strategies, VisionQuest is here to provide comprehensive and practical advice you can implement today and rely on tomorrow.

Long-Term Support

Once your project is established and your operations are running smoothly, we will still be there to support, advise, and provide actionable strategies for growth and development, as required.  We put projects on the path to success, and then we walk alongside, always prepared to jump in where needed.