Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

Diverse Projects – Fort Chipewyan AB

Building from an established and positive working relationship, VisionQuest Advisors has been able to deliver on project objectives in this challenging environment where there are no all-weather roads. This has included, for example, supporting the Nation to plan, construct and launch a Grocery Store; to design, construct, and turnover numerous housing units; to plan strategically for the community’s economic development; and to renovate and expand an Elders and Youth Lodge.

These projects have been impactful for the community in diverse ways, from facilitating food security, to creating space for cultural celebration and opportunities for skills development and improving housing quality and accessibility.

Key responsibilities we have delivered on include:

  • Identification and implementation of a process to create broad participation and both short-term and long-term benefits
  • Feasibility analysis and business planning
  • Support to secure financing and funding
  • Schedule, budget, and cost-management
  • Planning and approvals
  • Business launch and operations support (e.g. hiring, special events, marketing, policies and procedures, etc.)
  • Procurement services including pre-qualification, tendering, bid analysis, and evaluation of proponents
  • Project and construction management


Project Detail and Media:

K’ai Taile Market

VisionQuest took over the project of a new grocery store in August 2017 after difficulty arose with the original contractor.  We hired a new contractor, updated the business plan, completed financing applications, and began excavation on the basement.  By March, the steel frame of the building was erected and a General Manager was hired.  We then held a hiring fair and had 13 staff hired by June.  The soft opening took place August 1, 2018.  This project highlights our ability to gain forward momentum within challenging time and geographical constraints.

Elders and Youth Lodge

VisionQuest Advisors recently worked with the ACFN to renovate and expand the community Elders and Youth Lodge. We were truly excited to help create the community’s vision of a gathering space where members can come together to learn and socialize.

Housing Projects

Stay tuned for updates on our work with ACFN to expand their housing portfolio.

ACFN asked VisionQuest Advisors to handle the project management of their 2017 housing project.  Six houses were constructed in Fort Chipewyan to help address the shortage of quality housing in the community.  An Alberta Indigenous Energy Efficiency Retrofit Grant was applied for and received, helping to cover the costs of ensuring each home received energy efficient appliances.

Economic Development Strategy

VisionQuest worked closely with the ACFN Community on their Economic Development Strategy.  After extensive consultations with the residents, primary objectives were established and fully explored with detailed analysis and recommendations provided for each opportunity.  The plan forward was clearly laid out, with a step by step process of how to approach the many objectives and turn them into reality.