Smelqmix – Lower Similkameen Indian Band

Corporate Governance and Economic Development Planning – Near Keremeos BC

Building from an established working relationship, VisionQuest Advisors supported the LSIB to update their economic development strategy as they worked through the always complex issue of maintaining their links to the past and their commitment to a better future.   This involved significant secondary research including utilization of existing reports and analysis of existing agreements as well as extensive consultations with political, social, and business leaders in the community. As several projects were previously identified and approved via Chief and Council, VisionQuest Advisors also supported LSIB in the negotiation of partnership agreements and the development of targeted business plans.

The changes described in the final report were primarily business and services related, but implementation of the recommendations contained would result in significant social and cultural benefits and an overall enhancement in life for LSIB members. The chosen pursuits and action plan were feasible, viable, and held in high regard in the communities.

Other key responsibilities we delivered on include:

  • Corporate governance structure and policy development
  • Board recruitment and training
  • Mentorship for community members and band staff