Kainai – Blood Tribe

Strategic Planning and Business Development – Standoff AB

VisionQuest Advisors has supported the Kainai on diverse Projects since roughly 2014. The Blood Tribe or Kainai Nation are one of three nations comprising the Blackfoot Confederacy and the Kainai Reserve is currently one of the largest in Canada.

Our work has focused primarily on supporting the Nation to explore and realize economic development opportunities that are of benefit to their membership. This has involved everything from feasibility analysis to business planning and implementation strategy, through to project/construction management and all that is required to launch a business. We have most recently been called upon to support them in strategic planning efforts.

Our work with the Kainai included the development of the Kainai Marketplace, which is a Grocery Store on-reserve. Opened in September 2016, Kainai Marketplace addressed the Economic Development Committee’s goal of providing affordable, fresh, and healthy food products. VisionQuest Advisors was there from the very beginning through to helping them stock shelves for the grand opening, and adjusting the model as needed as the Company developed.

Key responsibilities we delivered on include:

  • Identification and implementation of a process to create broad participation and both short-term and long-term benefits
  • Feasibility analysis and business planning
  • Support to secure financing and funding
  • Schedule, budget, and cost-management
  • Corporate governance structure and policy development
  • Planning and approvals
  • Business launch and operations support (e.g. recruitment and hiring, special events, marketing, policies and procedures, etc.)
  • Procurement services including pre-qualification, tendering, bid analysis, and evaluation of proponents
  • Project and construction management